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足够夏日有全数美好的事物,小镇、阳光、游泳池,还有最亲切的心上人。最终一幕,埃利o在获知成婚之后,他背对亲属在壁炉旁啜泣,bgm响起的时候,真的忍不住了,泪流不止,太悲哀了,看了这几个电影才清楚了“I have loved you for the last time,is it a video?is it a video?”Is it a video?作者以为No。


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Futile Devices:出现在影片个中情绪尚不明朗时,早上时光,Eliot坐在拱形的树荫下望着远处,忐忑不安地等待着。第一回泪奔。

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It's been a long, long time Since I've memorized your face It's been four hours now Since I've wandered through your place And when I sleep on your couch I feel very safe And when you bring the blankets I cover up my face

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I do Love you I do Love you

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And when you play guitar I listen to the strings buzz The metal vibrates underneath your fingers And when you crochet I feel mesmerized and proud

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And I would say I love you But saying it out loud is hard So I won't say it at all And I won't stay very long

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But you are life I needed all along I think of you as my brother Although that sounds dumb

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